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Experts. Advice. Focus. Goal-setting. Support. Sisterhood.

Choosing health shouldn’t make you feel worse.
But the truth is, if you’re pursuing wellness goals alone, it can be confusing, overwhelming, and lonely.  
  • It can be hard to make progress… and even harder to maintain it.
  • It‘s difficult to stay on track. 
  • It’s easy to get bored.
  • ​Whose advice should you trust?
  • ​Which program should you follow?
  • ​Which healthy habit is truly most important?
  • ​How do you stay motivated when the new wears off?
  • ​When you feel low, who lifts you up?
  • ​Who do you ask your embarrassing questions?
  • ​And who can possibly understand how big those small wins feel?
If that sounds familiar, consider this your invitation to join The Girlfriend Doctor Club, where personal wellness and female friendship come together for a guided, joyful, and supportive journey as we walk together toward transformation. 

Taking the Next Right Step 

Each month, you’ll get support in a new wellness practice with:
  • Help identifying, setting, and keeping goals
  • ​A deep dive into trustworthy information
  • ​A private community where you can participate in group challenges and discussions
  • ​Live Q&A support calls with Dr Anna
  • ​Curated content 
  • ​Workouts, meal plans, and downloadable tools
  • ​Girlfriend Guides - Coaching & advice from nationally-known experts and Dr. Anna’s hidden gems

So you can take action, see results, and live better. 

Take the Next Right Step.

Here’s what Club members are getting this month...

February: Relationship Reset

  • Help improving their relationships with:
  • Themselves
  • Their partner
  • Close friends
  • ​Family
  • Two Zoom calls with Dr. Anna… which means no holds barred sex & sexual health girl talk with an ask-me-anything, there’s-no-such-thing-as-TMI, triple board-certified OB/GYN. 
  • ​All Things "V" eBook
  • ​Sexual CPR for just $47
  • ​Curated content selected by Dr Anna
  • ​5-day libido-lifting meal plan
  • ​Pelvic floor exercises
  • ​Expert Q&A with a Girlfriend Guide
  • ​Prompts, challenges, answers, and support in our private Facebook group

Elevated. Empowered. Inspired… Together.

“I was existing, not living. For the first time in a long time, a new year looms in front of me as a blank canvas to be painted instead of a dark fog to be navigated. Thank you, Dr. Anna!” 
- Sherry
Keto Green member

“Dr. Anna is a rock star!!!I worked in the nutrition field and she is a dream doctor and I wish we could clone her all across the country - we are so lucky to be connected to her!” 
- Caroline

“I loved the community of it. Sharing experiences in real time was beneficial to me...I can celebrate the company of many like-minded women that care deeply about their health, and the health of those around them.”
- Amy
Magic Menopause member

“It's phenomenal -- from the resources and information, to the direct access to Dr. Anna, to the community support. The value of this program is truly priceless and I highly recommend it!”
- Heather
Magic Menopause member

“What I really notice is that my MOJO is back. I feel more inspired and motivated and just plain awesome! Just because we are a certain age it doesn’t mean we can’t have the same drive and ambition and to live and create and make a difference… Thank you Dr. Cabeca for helping us live our best life!” 
- Sara
Keto Green member

Ready to meet your sisterhood?

Welcome, girlfriend.

Can you believe it’s already February? 

Last year, so much happened, and yet by some measures… not much did. Life as we knew it came to a halt. 

With plans cancelled, nowhere to go, and none of “the usual” filling our time, many of us found ourselves going inside. Cocooned in our homes, the forced standstill started to feel like stillness, and we started to reflect. To soul search. To reevaluate. 

It wasn’t always comfortable. If your thoughts left you dissolved in a puddle of emotions, you’re in good company–caterpillars also turn into goo before they transform into butterflies. And just like it’s good for them, the struggle strengthens us, too. 

But we got clear on our priorities. We recognized the importance of our health and our relationships. More than ever before, we know what matters most.

Now here we are, and it’s almost time to break free. It’s getting closer every day. And I need to ask you, friend, are you ready? 

Because it’s 2021 now, and you have the chance to be stronger, be healthier, and be even more powerful. You can gratefully let go of the things you’ve outgrown and make room for something better. You can choose your next right step–the thing that will support your growth and highest purpose. 

You’ve given me so much love and encouragement over the years, and The Girlfriend Doctor Club is my way of giving back to you. When you emerge from this, you know exactly where you want to go. 

Let’s get there together. 



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